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Uraia (Katiba Simpliefied) Course

This is an online program on understanding the Kenyan  Constitution for all. It is an initiative of URAIA and KICD(Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development) in an endeavor to offer civic education to the Kenyan citizens in a simplified manner. One of the goals of this program is to ensure that Kenyan citizens have access to the simplified Kenyan constitution which they can read on their own, make reference to in an easy and understandable manner.

The content packaged in the program is fully interactive and encourages multi-sensory learning. Multi-sensory learning and understanding the content is enhanced by using interactive multimedia elements that include animations, videos, illustrations, photographs and text. It is hoped that the program will enlighten the citizens on the constitution and their responsibilities as enshrined in it. The program also encourages interactivity through discussion forums guided by constitution experts. Participants can also share their views in through synchronized chats and contributing in the blogs. All these will ground the participants on the requirements and their responsibilities in the implementation of the constitution.

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